"Kendo Nagasaki saved me from destruction!"

Atlantis has emerged in this life as the product of many complex forces – a profoundly difficult childhood, trouble at school, family tragedy, an horrific and disabling accident (during which she had a near-death experience), and regression into many previous lives, most of which also involved much tragedy and suffering. Taking the maxim that every challenge brings with it a gift, Atlantis has been required to deal with an almost unbearable wealth of "gifts". She jokes, "I've heard of boredom, and I'd like to try it!", but it has been the Kendo Nagasaki Spiritual Wisdom that has brought all her difficulties into perspective.

From her earliest recollections in this life, Atlantis recalls that her father was a hard drinker, and he was happy to lay his hands on his family. Atlantis grew up believing that being treated with cruelty and humiliation were the norm, but just into her teens she saw in other families how children should be treated – lovingly, encouragingly, and supportively – and, realising that her dysfunctional treatment had already damaged her, she began to ask, "why?"

Atlantis’s mother was gentle and loving; “She had a laugh like music,“ recalls Atlantis, “but she was unable to protect herself, let alone me, from the daily drunken brutality of my father. We tried to support each other, but there was always a sense of hopelessness about our situation, and I think we both feared that we were letting the other down by being unable to save them from the situation. While we had each other in these awful circumstances, we both knew deep down that the situation would never get any better, which made us both greatly fear the future. I hated my father more for his cruelty to my mother and little brother than for what he did to me.”

Another severe difficulty faced Atlantis throughout her life at school – while it was never formally recognised, Atlantis was dyslexic. Written off by her uncomprehending teachers as being stupid, lazy, and a day-dreamer, Atlantis learned very little from school, and was never guided towards any career. She ultimately left school under a cloud, unqualified to pursue her father's impossibly high expectations of her (he wanted her to be a doctor, like him), a disappointment for him which made the home situation even worse.
Atlantis began living by her wits - having been written-off by the establishment, she was drawn towards counter-culture, including rock music and mysticism, both of which struck appealing and familiar chords within her soul. Gradually, she managed to gain some degree of control over her life, getting a shop job and seeing her mystic and musician friends, and really enjoying riding her motorcycle - "It was like flying!", she says

Atlantis's home life finally came to a crisis point. She had already been thrown out of her parental home several times by her father, but she had had nowhere else to go, and, seeking to save face, her father had relented after sobering-up, so he'd let her return. The day came, however, when there was no going back. “I’ll never forget the image of my father standing at the front door drunkenly yelling at me to “f*** off and never come back!”, as my mother stood behind him, crying helplessly; it was Christmas Day,” recalls Atlantis.

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise - as Atlantis falteringly established her own life, she loved the autonomy. However, the best days that Atlantis had ever known were suddenly shattered when a drunken driver caused her to have a devastating crash on her motorcycle; her injuries were so severe that she died in hospital, and as she was resuscitated, she had a near-death experience, which was to profoundly change her life.

As a small child, Atlantis had been told about God and Jesus, and how prayers can be answered, but however often and how hard Atlantis had prayed for her childhood to improve, it never had, so by the time of her near-death experience, Atlantis had become a hardened atheist. The near-death experience, however, was nothing short of sublime, in its purest sense – it was utterly beyond any mortal experience or expectation. The first place she went after 2 months in bed in hospital was to the hospital chapel; “I needed to see if there was any echo of what I had experienced in the near-death experience,” says Atlantis, “but there was nothing. Right then I realised, 'well that's it for orthodox religion!'”

Coming out of hospital, still in a cast and on crutches, and knowing that she would be disabled for the rest of her life, Atlantis found it hard to imagine how she could possibly adjust to her violently changed circumstances. “Everything seemed so bleak; I'd had to move back in with my parents, I couldn't do my shop job any more, my bike was destroyed, I couldn't go out on crutches, and I was in constant pain; I had no idea what would become of me,” says Atlantis. “Then I remembered Kendo Nagasaki; I had heard so much about him being a mystic and healer, and I thought to myself that somehow I must find him,” says Atlantis.

“I knew that Kendo was involved with the music business, and I knew a few musicians, so I wrote a letter to Kendo, asking for his help, and I gave it to one of my musician friends in the hope that it would work its way through the grape vine to him. Just knowing that the letter was out there gave me hope,” says Atlantis. “Then, one evening in December, I was lying down and willing the pain to go away when the doorbell rang, and it was Kendo Nagasaki! My dad just about fell over backwards!” Atlantis recalls. “ I remember being amazed that meeting Kendo in the flesh was so surprising; he was really big and he had a penetrating gaze that seemed to reach deep into my soul, but he was quietly-spoken and he seemed to contain his evident power with an incongruous calmness,” says Atlantis. “ I was hugely impressed at how Kendo put my parents so much at ease; of course they knew who he was, and most weekends my dad just about had a heart attack watching Kendo wrestle, but actually having him in my house was so unreal!”

“After a while, Kendo said that he'd got my letter, and that he felt he could help me. He said that he could sense how serious my injuries were, and that I would need a course of healing. He told me to relax and close my eyes, and he slowly passed his hands above my still-broken ankle, and I felt the pain just lift away – it was a marvellous feeling. Kendo said that was all he could do then, and he said I should come to his house in London where he could give me more healing,” Atlantis recalls.

“Within a couple of days I'd packed my stuff and arranged a lift to London, and I moved into a basement flat at Kendo's London home. He gave me healing 3 times a week, and I felt the pain lessen every time. There had been a bad problem with my broken ankle – as X-ray after X-ray, week after week at the hospital had shown, the bones would not unite; at this rate, I would never be able to walk again. I don't know how it happened or when it started, but after 3 weeks of Kendo's healing, the next time I went for an X-ray, the bones had begun to unite – I would walk again!”


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