Legendary Judoka and Mystic, Kenshiro Abbe

Whilst he is known as an iconic wrestler as well as a healer and mystic, the story of how Kendo Nagasaki the spiritual warrior works with his "channeller" is both profound and fascinating; since early in his life and through a great many challenges, the man has been supported, guided, and given strength by this spiritual being. Thus, as a healer, he has himself been healed, as an inspiration, he has been inspired, and as a source of deep wisdom, he has for decades been guided and taught of spiritual ways; it was always just a matter of time until this fascinating story was told...

The channeller has, in fact, been aware of the spiritual realm since the age of seven, yet having such vision was somewhat confusing. As this influence developed, increasingly seeing into both this world and another was difficult to understand – the young channeller had trouble at school and relating to his peers. Ultimately, it was only in sports that he found a natural understanding of the harmony of movement and how to resolve his aggression into precisely-applied power; though he didn’t yet know it, he was, in fact, already being influenced by the spirit of Kendo Nagasaki.

The discovery of judo was a turning point in the life of the young channeller – he had a considerable natural ability, which led him to meet people who were destined to ultimately play a major role in the full manifestation of Kendo Nagasaki.

The channeller met Kenshiro Abbe in 1959, and began following him and studying under him. Sensei Abbe was a mystic in the truest sense – he meditated deeply, he was a philosopher, he practiced harmony of mind and body, and his approach to judo was a pure typification of the other side of his nature – the samurai warrior. The channeller was profoundly influenced by Sensei Abbe – he was able to hone his judo skills and use Sensei Abbe’s meditation techniques to focus his mind – but this helped open the channeller’s spiritual sensitivity and his awareness of the growing influence of the voice of Kendo Nagasaki, which was to begin pulling him in another direction altogether.

Thus the channeller increasingly found himself approaching a crossroads: he had won the Society of Amateur Weightlifters British Heavyweight Weightlifting Championship two years running and he was an outstanding judoka, but he found himself inexorably drawn to wrestling. He discussed with Abbe the possibility of pursuing wrestling, but Abbe was not keen - he did not approve of wrestling. Furthermore, as the channeller was now the BJC British Judo Champion, Abbe wanted this particular pupil to continue with judo and train with a view to going to the Olympic Games representing Great Britain, as opposed to entering a career which he considered to be inferior.

Kendo's healing energy expressed itself through the young man who was destined to become the channeller. As he developed his martial arts skills, he found he had a natural ability to heal the sprains and treat the joint injuries encountered by his fellow combatants. The presence of this natural skill came as a surprise, but it helped prepare the young man for the experience of channelling many greater influences from the spiritual realm to the material realm, and Abbe's fine physical-spiritual balance provided the perfect nurturing environment for these skills.

Destiny moves in often perplexing ways; the channeller lost the end of his left index finger, and to him it was devastating – he could no longer lift weights, nor grab the tunic of a judo opponent – those promising future career choices were at an end, having been cruelly snatched away. Even wrestling now seemed impossible, at least until the channeller recovered from and somehow adapted to his lost finger; having dedicated himself to weightlifting and judo since the age of 17, the channeller's promising athletic future now seemed in ruins.

On the spiritual planes, however, this event was not only ordained - it was necessary. It was the physical manifestation of a karmically-based need for a profound re-focussing of his energies, to effectively force a confronting and resolving of his devastating uncertainty – how and where would his outstanding physical abilities express themselves now? Out of the mists of uncertainty, the as-yet unidentified voice of Kendo Nagasaki became a beacon of hope.

The channeller sought healing through deep meditations, during which the spirit of Kendo Nagasaki emerged as a guiding and healing force; focus began to return to the channeller, and he began to see the way forward: once healed, he would be the channel for the spirit of Kendo Nagasaki in the wrestling ring.

By expressing himself through the channeller, Kendo Nagasaki used wrestling as the vehicle to typify the indomitable qualities he sought to impart to the world; wrestling has always been immensely popular, and thus the greatest number of people possible have been shown – even unconsciously – an introduction to the Nagasaki philosophy.

On the following pages, follow the journey of Kendo and his channeller, as they take the wrestling world by storm, with the spiritual dimension steadily evolving in the background...