Saturday 22nd September 2007 saw the Final of the
Kendo Nagasaki Sword of Excellence tournament at The Pavillion in Bath
- but things did NOT go according to plan!

Firstly, Phil Powers was put under Nagasaki's mysterious influence, and he claims to still be suffering from disorienting side-effects, long after the event.

But Kendo Nagasaki was not satisfied that the winner of the tournament, Robbie Brookside, had wrestled with true excellence - so Kendo withheld the Sword, refusing to award it to Brookside!

Brookside was not happy! After the non-ceremony was all over, Brookside stormed over to where Kendo was signing autographs, and overturned Kendo's table of merchandise, and in the resulting confusion, an almost-life-size image of Kendo was lost. Kendo is most displeased at this insulting behaviour!

Brookside is claiming to be "blazing mad", and that he won the Sword of Excellence fairly, and should have been presented with it; there is, of course, bad blood between Kendo and Brookside, ever since Kendo's mysterious influence paralysed Brookside some 20 years ago.

The story is picked up and commented upon by a long-time disciple of Kendo Nagasaki, Atlantis Chronos Goth: “The eye of Nagasaki is on Robbie Brookside!"

Says Atlantis: "Robbie Brookside behaved like an immature fool at LDN’s Kendo Nagasaki Sword Of Excellence presentation. Kendo Nagasaki rightly judged Brookside as being unworthy of receiving the sword, and the tantrum Brookside then threw was an insult to Kendo Nagasaki, disrupting his time with his fans, damaging his merchandise, and causing the disappearance of a life-size image of Kendo Nagasaki. We hold Brookside responsible for the return of the image, and Brookside is put on notice that there will be Hell to pay for his insulting and outrageous behaviour!

Brookside - Prepare for an earth-shaking reckoning!!!”

The "reckoning", in all its fury, could well come at The Legends Showdown, at
Broxbourne Civic Hall on 24th November - watch this space!