As if listening to an inner voice...

...Kendo Nagasaki has been seen in the wrestling ring pausing and looking in to a far distance – this is, in fact, exactly what has been happening. For a great many years, Kendo has been attuned to his ancestors and other voices of wisdom in the spirit realm.

There is much in the occult literature that describes how things are on the planes beyond incarnation; it has been supported by the accounts of those who have described near-death experiences, and even some recent hypnosis-based studies have revealed some fascinating details about what is known beyond incarnation, and it seems there is a vast wealth of wisdom available.

The popular myth of spirit guides describes entities that are constant companions to us during our lives, who apparently try to guide us and the events around us to help us along our mortal path. A very few succeed in being able to “hear” the guidance of their spirit guides

This was the first esoteric intervention that the mortal channel for Kendo Nagasaki experienced – during his adolescence he became aware of guidance coming from another realm, telling him of things he should consider, what he would see, the role he would ultimately play, and, in time, how his own life would resolve into a healing obligation to others… It is true to say that the mortal medium for Kendo Nagasaki has been guided all his life, and the wisdom he has received in his meditations has been crucial to successes on many levels.

Getting in touch with spirit guides is not an entirely straightforward matter, however; there are many entities on the non-incarnate planes of existence, some of which have no conscience, only a malevolent intelligence, and they can masquerade as our friends and trick us into acting against our own better interests. “The development of awareness to spiritual guides must be allowed to proceed very gradually – one must develop an awareness of the difference between ones own thoughts and impressions that appear to have come from outside oneself,” says Kendo; “A true spiritual guide will never guide you into a bad situation or to do wrong – any advice must ‘feel’ right, and be consistent with the successes in your life.”

However, Kendo has sometimes been seen to “bend the rules” in a wrestling match after listening to his ancestors - how can his controversial actions in the ring be the right kind of guidance?

Well, not all things are known on the mortal plane, and sometimes events are required that seem wrong or unjust – but they are still required; these issues are dealt with in greater depth in the subsequent sections on Good and Evil, and Karma and Destiny.

This would be the second lesson that Kendo Nagasaki would have you learn: Just as you are careful with the foods you eat, be very careful about what thoughts you allow into your mind. You needn’t be completely closed-off to all outside influences, but in order to discover whether they are benevolent or malevolent requires a great deal of discrimination, which only comes with time, and with being attuned to those in the spirit realm who are tasked with your guidance.