Karma is often misunderstood –

- it is not a system of retributive justice, necessitating suffering for previous misdeeds, but rather,
karma is a dynamic mechanism for the development and awakening of awareness.

Everyone is born with an inevitable legacy of karma, and for most this is the residue of actions and interactions from previous lives; there is often unfinished business between souls, and new lifetimes allow the creation of new arenas of interaction, within which souls once again find themselves pitted against former adversaries in pursuit of enlightened resolutions. Families, work situations, and, most of all, childhood, provide extremely rich grounds of karmic interplay between reincarnated souls.

However, there is another karmic role, that of an “Instrument of Karma”, which is a being who will wield a profound influence over a large multitude of people, and such a role cannot be fulfilled by an ordinary mortal. Such crucial junctures of human development are undeniably destined, and when so much is at stake for so many souls, spiritual guidance is required: enter Kendo Nagasaki.

Souls come into incarnation with a specific set of karmic tests to face, and as long as everything goes according to destiny’s plan, this work is accomplished and the soul achieves the degree of growth intended for it. For the majority of people, it is safer to simply make the best of their lives without considering karma and destiny – but some are sufficiently enlightened and ambitious to seek to accomplish more than what is proscribed; these people can greatly benefit from a spiritual teacher, such as Kendo Nagasaki.

Initially, it was not clear to the channeller of Kendo Nagasaki what his role was to be in the lives of others, nor what karmic lessons he himself was supposed to learn, and both of these remain unfolding and gradually-revealing processes. It has not been easy; the role of society’s "required" evil-doer can be a very solitary and brutal experience – he has accepted his own heavy-duty karma, which has included being cursed at, reviled, spat at, stabbed with all manner of sharp instruments from hat-pins to fountain pens, yet the role he has played in the consciousness of everyone who has experienced him was destined.

Karma requires us to be tested by overcoming a particular difficulty, seeing and understanding the lesson, and consequently, growing. The events that we are required to face in a karmic lesson are delivered dispassionately by the mechanics of the universe – a bad event may be required to bring about raised awareness, and so the event is not bad – it is just part of the mechanism, and actually neutral in terms of good and evil. If there is a perpetrator of a bad event, they are not necessarily bad people – they are the messenger, another soul which has agreed (and is therefore destined) to participate in this required karmic dynamic.

Kendo Nagasaki's Pathways to Power meditations include aspects of Karma and Destiny which will give you a deep understanding and appreciation of these processes. There is usually no memory of the preceding (past-life) events which have given rise to the circumstances facing you, you need to step away from them before you can appreciate them objectively, without reacting. It is your karma, and it is destined, but you are not necessarily expected to be overcome by events - Pathways to Power will guide you through the required stages of vision, detachment, understanding, and management, so you will come to appreciate your karma and destiny in ways which greatly empower you.