Understanding the Foundations.

Where does Kendo Nagasaki's incredible power come from? How has he always been so dominating in the wrestling ring? How has he remained undefeated throughout his long and brilliant career? Where do his healing abilities come from? The answers to all such questions lie in the personal empowerment system that Kendo has developed and refined over many years - it is called Pathways to Power.

The foundation of Kendo's power is meditation; Kendo Nagasaki is a spiritual being, who is able to express himself through a man - an incredibly talented and extremely fit man - but it is Kendo Nagasaki who is the dominating force in the ring.

How do these meditations work?

The man behind the mask meditates upon the image of Kendo Nagasaki, which opens a channel to him. The spirit of the Samurai then completes the connection, inspiring the man with all the wisdom and power of the ancients, the courage and cunning of warriors of centuries past, giving the man a vision which transcends human consciousness.

Thus, the man behind the mask becomes supremely empowered, incredibly capable, and able to take a dynamic role in his own destiny.

Part of the wisdom which Kendo brings is a clear understanding of the soul's journey through many lives, its relationships with other incarnate souls, and the complexities of the work to be done in a lifetime. Kendo's approach is not merely to see and accept, however - Kendo encourages the search for ways to take command of one's destiny, to be warrior-like in the dynamic interplay of life.

Kendo also uses Astrology to bring clarity to incarnation; used in the right way, Astrological symbols open doors to an understanding of the complex and mystical forces which act upon all life. There is an ancient saying: "Know thyself, and thou shalt know God and the universe". Kendo's approach is typically dynamic - studying the universe (Astrology) brings insights into oneself and life's plan, your destiny and challenges - the kind of understanding that is often thought to be known by the Universe alone.

Kendo works by the ancient maxim that there are three fundamental forces in this physical world: the forces of heaven (Astrology), the forces of earth (the circumstances in which you find yourself), and your own free will. How your life turns out depends upon you using your free will to recognise and balance these forces, and Kendo is here to help.

For those who seek understanding of things beyond the mortal veil, the Kendo Nagasaki Spiritual Wisdom will provide answers, understanding, broader and higher awareness, healing, wisdom, and deep insights into the mysteries of the human and spiritual conditions. You can be shown how past life regression can crucially inform your present life, how to recognise the lessons of karma and reincarnational trends arising from karma, how to recognise the fated (often family) relationships that have roots in past lives.

It is well known that "knowledge is power", and the Kendo Nagasaki Spiritual Wisdom can give you power - power to take control of your life, to achieve your ambitions, to gain confidence, to understand that you may be required by destiny to be assertive and take charge, and much, much more.

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