"I am the Voice of Kendo Nagasaki"

"Kendo Nagasaki and I speak as one voice - the voice of mystical power," says Atlantis.

Atlantis is most certainly a long-term disciple of Kendo Nagasaki, but to say this is a major over-simplification of their relationship: "I have known the spirit that is Kendo Nagasaki in many ways over many years, and when I say many years, I mean thousands. When I studied the spiritual foundations of human consciousness in the mystery schools of ancient Atlantis, that spirit was there; when I found myself alone and surrounded by enemies at the end of the ice age, that spirit was there; that spirit was my inspiration as I watched the pyramids being built in ancient Egypt, and that was a very difficult life... Throughout the intervening centuries, destiny has often brought me back into the influence of that spirit, myself in the service the man, and he in the service of his Ancestors."

"I am most fortunate to know Kendo Nagasaki in this life, and be able to further extend my appreciation of his wisdom. He is a truly great soul, with much to teach the world, and I consider myself to have been greatly blessed in having been chosen to serve his spirit again in this life, in his mission of enlightening the world."

Surely, being "the voice" of Kendo Nagasaki must be a somewhat strange experience? "I couldn't believe it when "the man behind the mask" asked me to be the voice of Kendo," says Atlantis. " Having done much meditation, regression, and spiritual work together, I knew that Kendo Nagasaki's ability to communicate directly is limited by his karma, and therefore his destiny; however, I meet him on the higher planes, where he has no trouble communicating. He says it's just a logical step for me to speak his words, now that he has so much to say to the world, but for me it's a great honour and quite a serious responsibility."

When asked about her name, the depth of Atlantis's mystical inclinations is revealed: "Most names have been derived from places, vocations, or desired characteristics, so when considering how my soul should be known by others, I related to the things that are closest to the foundation of my eternal self. I took the name "Atlantis", because my earliest and some of my happiest memories are from my time in Atlantis; it was a truly magical place, where human consciousness was greatly extended beyond what is given to us now. I took the name "Chronos" because it is an ancient name for the planet Saturn, which has profoundly influenced my many lives; and I took the name "Goth" because the Goth culture represents self-expression beyond conventional structures, which is how I live my life."

The many references that Atlantis makes to reincarnation are difficult to reconcile with modern Western life, but she insists that such awareness is vital. "My experiences of 10 previous lives over thousands of years are crystal clear and vivid in my mind's eye, and they fully inform the way I live my life now, and shall live in future lives. Such wisdom is exquisite and greatly empowering; it has been said that one cannot step off the path of enlightenment, but I can't see why anyone would want to!"

"Kendo Nagasaki has been instrumental in opening my awareness to such wisdom, and I am greatly privileged to have been chosen to serve him again in helping others to reap the benefits of discovering his profound spiritual wisdom."

Since 2008, Atlantis has announced Kendo Nagasaki at his wrestling matches, but their relationship in this life goes back over thirty years. Originally, Atlantis had known of Kendo’s spiritual powers and she had been drawn to him for healing following a catastrophic and disabling accident. Kendo also used his spiritual wisdom to help Atlantis deal with several other deep karmic complications which had originated in her previous lives and earlier in this life.

Through the Kendo Nagasaki Spiritual Wisdom, Atlantis progressively gained insight, empowerment, and spiritual wholeness, and can testify in detail about what she has gained. "The Kendo Nagasaki Spiritual Wisdom is so comprehensive - it has been able to illuminate and help me resolve all the reincarnational, karmic, and personal issues I've had, and there have been many, very complex ones! It's a complete system for everyone who seeks the wisdom to transform all the hidden and out-of-control areas of their life - I can't recommend it highly enough."

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