The Genesis of Kendo Nagasaki

Presented here is the complete story of the master himself, Kendo Nagasaki, and the man behind the mask - his first spiritual awareness as a child, his finding judo, his training under sensei Kenshiro Abbe, and his explosive emergence upon an unsuspecting wrestling scene.

Remarkably, since it has been revealed to him in deep meditation, Kendo himself wishes to show how the origins of the wrestling phenomenon are to be found in ancient Japan's samurai culture - his own previous lives: this is where it all begins.

Follow the story of how this young man's deep connection to his spiritual guide took him to victory upon victory, and success upon success, expressing supreme athletic skill and the warrior instinct of the samurai swordsman.

Also revealed is how the spiritual dimension - always so strong and clear in guiding the life of the man behind the mask to such comprehensive success - is now being offered by Kendo Nagasaki, for all the world to see and share in his secrets of personal empowerment and spiritual wisdom; the time has come for YOU to benefit from this remarkable and empowering wisdom.

The many and complex aspects which combined to bring about the genesis of Kendo Nagasaki have always been apparent in the wrestling ring, as a healer, and as a mystic, and now, those vital ingredients are presented here, to inform, to mentor, and to empower all who enquire.

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