Although not wrestling in this match, Kendo performs the Ceremony of the Salt at The Legends Showdown on 24th November 2007, for the Kendo Nagasaki/Lloyd Ryan Grudge Match

LDN Wrestling's long-awaited Legends Showdown wrestling tournament took place on Saturday 24th November 2007, at Broxbourne's Civic Hall.

Following Lloyd Ryan's disloyalty to Kendo Nagasaki, two tag teams had been assembled to compete once again for the Kendo Nagasaki Sword of Excellence. The two teams were as follows: Kendo Nagasaki's tag team of Blondie Barrett and Jackie Steel, and Lloyd Ryan's tag team of Robbie Brookside and Damien Ryan, Lloyd Ryan's own son.

However, before the MC had made the introductions, Atlantis Chronos Goth took the microphone and took control of the show. Having never been seen publicly before, "The Goth" introduced herself as speaking "as one voice" with Kendo Nagasaki, and she then comprehensively put Lloyd Ryan and his team in their place, pointing out that their hopes would soon be crushed.

There then followed a fierce attack on Lloyd Ryan and his heretical mentioning of the Nagasaki Ancestors; it was clear that Ryan did not understand what he was dealing with, but Atlantis certainly set him straight.

Atlantis then introduced the traditional Kendo Nagasaki Ceremony of the Salt - a role previously performed by Lloyd Ryan, but no longer possible following his disloyalty - and the match began.

As a tag match, the score was to be decided by 2 falls, 2 submissions, 2 knock-outs, but also, in this case, 2 disqualifications - Kendo Nagasaki and Atlantis Chronos Goth had to remain seated during the match, as did Lloyd Ryan, or else a disqualification would be awarded against the offending team; 2 disqualifications against a team would disqualify them completely.

The first fall was won by Lloyd Ryan's team - Robbie Brookside overcame Jackie Steel, but shortly thereafter, Lloyd Ryan got to his feet to protest when Damien Ryan got into difficulties, and an equalising disqualification was awarded against his team.

However, later in the match, Robbie Brookside complained that there was something wrong with his eyes, and he refused to continue. The referee announced that the match would have to continue, and Damien Ryan proved no match for Blondie Barratt, who scored the winning fall. Robbie Brookside and Lloyd Ryan complained a great deal, but the result was clear - a victory by the superior team.

As Atlantis Chronos Goth then announced, it had been an easy result to predict, that it had been an easy victory for the Kendo Nagasaki team, and that no-one and nothing could oppose the might of Kendo Nagasaki - Nagasaki's influence is as dominant as his own crushing skill!