Having examined rationalistic and
reductionistic thought processes...

...in his page on Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit and all the esoteric material between that page and this one, Kendo asserts that it is necessary to seek a perspective based in wisdom, not simply reasoning, or thought, or knowledge.

The human mind is undoubtedly an extremely able thing, but it should be clear by this point that it is limited - virtually all of the foregoing eclectic "information" can only be appreciated as concepts, not intuitively - it's simply not in the right language for the mind to comprehend.

Wisdom is distinct from knowledge, in that it is balanced and intuitively “felt” to be “right”. It is important to understand that with knowledge you can do harm, in the sense of karmic harm, which means that you could set inappropriate chains of events in motion, and begin a new karmic relationship with someone with whom you had not previously been associated. Wilful acts often result in unnecessary karmic ties, which can take many lifetimes to resolve. But if your intuition informs your knowledge and understanding (and therefore your actions), you will see a revolution in how you respond to and interact with the world.

The quality of your life depends upon how successful you become at working in harmony with the forces of the universe, usually hidden, and this requires wisdom above knowledge. If you can’t see why something has happened in your life, then you need not waste any energy trying to understand it – it's likely to be beyond the comprehension of your mind, and accepting this and settling into a Pathways to Power meditation will engage the intuitive insights which will bring you the wisdom you need.

As soon as you have found peace with one situation, your destiny will move on to the next, and the better you get at looking within your intuitive self for wise perspectives, the better your life will become.

Having read this far, you can be said to have already stepped upon the mystical path, which can also be described as the spiritual path, or even the occult path; knowing what you now know, your consciousness will inevitably begin to explore and grow into the hidden realms of life and the universe, and Kendo Nagasaki's Pathways to Power is here to guide you safely and effectively. As has been said over the millennia, “Once you step onto the spiritual path, you cannot step off it”, but there is no need to be daunted by this prospect; you can proceed at your own pace, start and stop whenever you like, and Kendo Nagasaki's deep wisdom will be there to guide and mentor you.