Do you lack confidence? Can't understand what's happening in your life?
Are you wondering where life is taking you? Kendo has answers...

Often, life proceeds unremarkably - we do what we have become accustomed to doing, seeing the people we are accustomed to seeing, and not really thinking about anything beyond this familiar routine.

...unless there is a problem...

The range of things that can cause a person to ask questions about their existence is vast, from insecurity, through unexpected reversals of fortune, to realising that personal goals are not being met - even a growing realisation that life just seems to lack meaning and purpose. Often, there has been nothing in a person's experience to prepare them for such a crisis point - no sense of perspective has been proposed, no explanation of the dynamics of life has been suggested, and no source of understanding has been offered; we find ourselves adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

To where should we turn for answers? How can we find direction? Is there no-one who can explain what's going on?

Well, it is not widely known, but there are ways to put all the pieces together, and make sense of life: Kendo Nagasaki has done this, and he offers his solution to you.

Firstly, you must be prepared to suspend your doubts. In the west, we are taught to rationalise and think our way through everything, but it is important to realise that the mind has limitations - its job is to provide answers to the problems we encounter, but it can only do this properly when it has been given access to all the available knowledge and understanding. If you find yourself stumped, at a dead-end, it is not because your mind is inadequate, but because it needs more information to consider.

This is where the turning point comes: do you continue to rely upon everything you currently know about the "real" world, or are you prepared to accept that there is more to know, that there are kinds of knowledge which are different to what you have seen before, and that unfamiliar concepts should be entertained, tried-out, explored? If you have the courage to accept this latter approach, then you will have taken the first huge step towards true enlightenment, a comprehensive understanding of how the world really works, and access to the tenets of wisdom which can truly transform your life.

A good starting point is an example of perspective, which utilises both science and philosophy. Birds are a long- established and successful form of life on earth; they hatch, build nests, mate, and multiply, and so it has been for millions of years. Birds' songs are crucial to their existence - without them, they could not attract mates, and the song of each species is unique and musical. Singing is just something that birds do - they don't think about why they sing, and are even less likely to know about how they sing, and yet, sing their beautiful songs they do.

Science has studied birdsong in great depth; everything is now known about it, from the functioning of birds' "voice-boxes", to the way particular patterns of neurons develop in birds' brains, showing how an individual bird's song develops as the bird matures. We know everything about why and how birds sing - but they never will: birds do not contemplate existence in the ways that we do.

Now, whilst our brains and minds are more complex than those of birds, we are essentially a similar form of creature, and therefore, philosophically, the same perspective applies: just as birds get on with doing what they do, unaware of the mechanisms (and our understanding) of their actions, so do we, and similar limitations can be argued to apply - there may be a great many processes within ourselves of which we are not aware and have not begun to understand, but that doesn't mean that there is not an awareness of them and an understanding of them somewhere in the universe. It would be foolish to assume that we are the highest intelligence in the universe, so we must accept that somewhere out there, there is probably an intelligence which knows all the "hows and whys" about us, even though such understanding is currently beyond us. For example, whilst neuroscience is well advanced, we still can't grasp how the "self" fits into the brain.

Kendo Nagasaki has considered such perspectives over many, many years, and he has sought the higher forms of wisdom and understanding which can shed light on the problems that the human mind cannot solve on its own. His approach is eclectic, seeking the best aspects of multiple disciplines and approaches, and combining them into a single comprehensive approach to personal empowerment. It has rightly been said that knowledge is power, but Kendo takes this further - by dynamically inter-linking concepts and perspectives, he offers an adaptable, active, and responsive set of insights into all aspects of existence.

Therefore, wherever you find yourself, whatever need you might feel, Kendo Nagasaki has answers - and, perhaps surprisingly, the answers he can reveal to you will be your own. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Kendo's system is that it doesn't simply seek to state facts or "tell you how it is"; Kendo's techniques are subtle and powerful, and work by enabling your own intuition and empowering your inner reasoning and wisdom - it is actually you that does the learning and the growing, having had these inner abilities "switched on" by Kendo.

This, then, is the Pathways to Power system. It comprises guided meditations which employ both science and art, visualisation and aspiration, intuition and motivation - a comprehensive range of diverse techniques, all combined and refined into a unique system of enablement and empowerment. Pathways to Power shows you how to look within yourself and open the doors to the limitless intuitive wisdom of the universe. Pathways to Power is the final version of the system which Kendo Nagasaki has developed and used and refined over many, many years; the results it has yielded for Yogensha, Kendo's channel, and the many other people that Kendo has healed and mentored over the last forty years have been extraordinary.

The following pages give some insights into the perspectives Kendo takes upon the human condition and the resources upon which he draws to give context to the conundrums which can arise; he hopes that these pages will show that there are higher views which can be taken, many esoteric sources of wisdom which can be consulted, and more informed conclusions can become available. Please have a look, and if you like what you see, then Pathways to Power will be able to help you.