...the Zodiac for Kendo's first fight? The chart shows massive energies, waiting to be unleashed...

“Know thyself and thou shalt know God and the Universe.”

In ancient times, this motto was inscribed above the doors to the temples of wisdom, and sometimes it is still heard today.

What has been lost down the millennia has been how to apply and use these words – they are not just words, but, like all aspects of occult and ancient wisdom, they symbolise a doorway into a deeper understanding of hidden places.

These days we tend to take words at face value, but words can have a much deeper meaning – a symbolic meaning; what is symbolically illustrated by the above phrase is a 3-way equation, a 3-way relationship between the self, the universe, and the divine.

God is a different ideal to different people, but at the heart of all such ideals is the principle of divinity, perfection. It remains possible, therefore, to have faith in a wisdom, a perfection, a divinity far greater than our own, without having to characterise it in the way of a specific orthodox religion.

The universe is clearly a material thing – it is composed of stars and planets, of fire and air, water and earth. Even an atheist cannot deny the existence of the universe – our senses inform us of it all the time. The universe also operates on a small scale, a scale that relates to individuals, and how the universe is arranged around us – the kind of life we are born into is another manifestation of the material realm.

The ancients found ways of using the material realm to provide symbolic representations of spiritual forces, and of this methodology, Astrology one of the most comprehensive. Done right, a birth chart will yield a vast amount of information – by studying “the universe” in this specific way, it is possible to get to “know” oneself, and see the creative forces of the divine (God) at work.

The mortal man through whom Kendo Nagasaki is channelled was born in difficult circumstances, and he was destined to face a great many hardships. However, he chose to become aware of the occult forces acting upon him, and he chose to work with them in order to become in harmony with the universe and mould his destiny into the best it could possibly be.

In Astrology, there is no such thing as a good or bad combination or aspect, but what is illustrated is the nature of the forces acting, and how they are released. As can be seen from the chart of Kendo Nagasaki’s first public appearance, there are many planetary aspects highlighted in red. Traditional Astrology describes these as negative aspects, and they have become synonymous with bad combinations of forces – but this is an over-simplification.

Opposition, Square and Semi-square aspects are dynamic aspects, in that they are ready to let the energies involved flow into human actions. Aspects like these mean that the actions chosen will contain the power and influence of the planets involved, and the quality of the consequences depends upon the consciousness of the individual.

From the chart above it can be seen that there is a great deal of energy behind Kendo Nagasaki’s actions, and it could be interpreted as either constructive or destructive, good or bad – but this is only part of the story (see Good and Evil). Ultimately, Kendo has only ever sought to make power available to people, and raise their consciousness regarding its use - with Pathways to Power you can take this opportunity to amplify your own destiny through self-empowerment, maximise the auspiciousness of every planet/sign combination in your own chart, ensure that the energy flowing in every planetary aspect finds its highest expression, and more. The depth of Kendo's understanding of Astrology can support you every step of the way.