...means “hidden”, “secret”, and “not understandable by human beings”. It is certainly true to say that there is a great deal about Kendo Nagasaki that satisfies these descriptions, and the same can be said of his wisdom, but an important part of his work on the earth plane is to make his wisdom accessible and available.

To explain occultism a little further, it is not a single subject, but many diverse ones, which by themselves seem easier to grasp, such as the Tarot, or Astrology, and while on their own merits they pose no apparent threat, they are, nonetheless, still occult disciplines. Even reading a daily horoscope is to indulge in a little occultism, and it is hoped that this way of viewing it puts the whole mystique of occultism into perspective - the practises are simply unconventional ways of obtaining understandings which are not available through conventional means; explained properly and safely practised, a broader understanding is available from occult practises, and under all circumstances, more knowledge is always good..

There are reasons why certain things are not automatically known to mortals, including the fact that their likelihood of facing stern challenges, losses, pain, and sadness may be discouraging; destiny is at least sufficiently compassionate to allow us to develop strength, courage, and trust, as well as the resources to face our forthcoming challenges, before we are so tested. It can be said that occult wisdom is everywhere on the planes beyond incarnation, but it is not routinely made available to mortals so they are required to use their own resources to rise to their challenges; in simple terms, the purpose of life is growth of the soul via the assimilation of higher qualities like strength, courage, and optimism, and then expressing them in the face of challenges - knowing the future, for example, is much like cheating on a test, where the problem is resolved, but in the wrong way. It's far better to have unshakeable confidence in one's ability to meet the unknown because one has worked at being prepared, than to be so lazy or insecure that one needs the answers first, from fear of failure.

Kendo Nagasaki's approach to things occult is to harness their advantages without any of the drawbacks. Pathways to Power is fundamentally about self-empowerment, developing supreme self confidence in one's abilities, in addition to a higher vision and set of aspirations; one of the most enlightened and courageous things that a human can do it to go above and beyond their destined challenges, to have the strength and wisdom to seek even greater challenges than were set out for this life. Kendo treats each aspect of occultism as a stepping-stone in his pathways, yet another means of elevating and broadening the vision, deepening the understanding and empowering the resolve. Occultism with Kendo Nagasaki is entirely positive, refined, and directed towards self-empowerment.

If you are ready to accept the challenge of discovering and mastering your own destiny, then come and follow the sensei Kendo Nagasaki, master of his own destiny, and liver of a life of complete excellence.