Kendo in Corrie!

Viewers of Monday's Coronation Street were treated to a surprise introduction to Kendo Nagasaki!
In the Rover's Return, Dennis Tanner was responding to Ken Barlowe's downcast mood following being assaulted by his wayward grandson. Dennis went on to relate a tale of two wrestlers - one called "Half Nelson", and the great Kendo Nagasaki!
Emily Bishop's eyes lit up at the mention of Kendo! She described him as always wearing a mask, and how Ernest and she used to tune in on Saturdays to see him.
Dennis described how, in a particular wrestling match, Kendo was giving Half Nelson "...a right pasting..." - with the highly animated support of a fiesty grandmother at the ring-side, and how the old lady was so excited about the action going on in the wrestling ring.
Dennis said that even though Half Nelson had been thoroughly battered by Kendo, he was still smiling, because he had helped make the old lady so happy. His point to Ken was that it doesn't matter what people think of you - as Rita Sullivan said, people respect Ken, rather than thinking of him as being taken advantage of by his grandson.
Dennis finished his point by saying that Ken should think himself lucky that his grandson was " Kendo Nagasaki!"
Kendo is, of course, famous for giving all his opponents the opportunity to please the audience by being on the receiving end of "...a right pasting..."! However, Kendo can also make you feel better with his mysticical talents too, which are a lot safer!