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A historic representation of a young warrior,
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An illustrious career history has ensured that Kendo Nagasaki has become that rare thing – a household name, and an icon of British culture.

Known by some as an indomitable hero and by others as one of the "villains" of the sport of wrestling, his name is synonymous with a slightly more ominous side of dominance – the exercising of absolute skill and power (occasionally at the expense of a little rule-bending), an unspeaking monolith of a creature, shrouded in ritual and mystique, and, of course, never defeated.

This is the samurai code at work – expecting no quarter from his opponents, he gives none, and by applying immense skill, tireless training, and razor-sharp judgement, outright victory is always the goal, indeed, the only acceptable outcome.

A display of all the foregoing in the wrestling ring has earned Kendo huge numbers of fans; even without ever speaking, he has enormous charisma, and he radiates power, and he deeply inspires people – he is a true hero.

When Kendo’s healing activities began to be publicised, the mystique surrounding him only deepened; it seemed that a dominance which sometimes bordered upon the brutal had a more esoteric and nurturing side – what was the foundation of these apparently disparate energies?

The answer is, of course, mystical: Kendo Nagasaki is a spiritual being who expresses himself through a mortal man, Yogensha, as he is known, which is the Japanese word for “seer”.

As a Spiritual Guide, Kendo Nagasaki has chosen not to spread his teachings by coming to earth in the conventional way, but to use Yogensha as his vehicle - his channel. Why would Kendo choose to work this way? Because it is not necessary for Kendo to incarnate on this plane at this time – he does not need to participate in the karmic lessons that come with earthly experience, as this has been addressed in his many previous lives, and it is now appropriate for him to give out his wisdom and healing via Yogensha.

Kendo's last physical lives on earth answer many questions about him...

It has been revealed to Yogensha through past life regression that the profound soul relationship between him and Kendo Nagasaki existed just as strongly in the early 1600s, in Japan.

Born into a physical body in Japan, on 9th March 1599, this was Kendo Nagasaki’s last life on earth. During that lifetime, Yogensha was born on 13th November 1613. The then-incarnate Kendo became master and mentor of the young man who is now Yogensha, his channel.

It was a time of great change in Japan – in 1600, Ieasu Tokugawa had taken control of almost the entire country, ending a great many disputes between local lords, but there were altercations with settled groups of religious outsiders who remained in the country, including Catholics and Jesuits. By 1614 the Tokugawa dynasty was growing increasingly less tolerant of such groups, viewing their activities as disruptive to the order that was sought.

In their service of the ruling shogunate, together Kendo and Yogensha helped seek out practitioners of the banned religion, and it was during one such raid that the young student was killed - he was 15 years old, and Kendo was 29: it was 1628.

Far from being an untimely separation between them, the end of their incarnate relationship at that time was just a part of a greater plan. The ongoing karmic relationship between Kendo and Yogensha was very deep – their souls had long ago formed a bond in service to greater humanity. Indeed, the word “samurai” is derived from the concept of service. Their ongoing soul relationship remains visible now – the spirit of the warrior manifesting with exquisite skill through the physical man is a powerful example on many levels, both symbolically and actually.

Kendo took advantage of his last incarnation to completely balance his spiritual and mental selves. This was a fascinating time for the samurai, as, with peace prevailing throughout Japan, they were able to embark upon studies of martial arts, literature, philosophy, the arts in general, and the tea ceremony. These warriors, already masters of combat, discipline, and application, also became philosophers, artists, writers, and master strategists; typically, Kendo studied all disciplines to expert levels, and this is reflected in his amazing mind in this time.

He became physically perfect, and intellectually and emotionally clear and thus open to the spiritual planes: he learned of the states of mind and body needed to be in touch at once with both the physical and spiritual planes, as final preparation for his future role working with his channeller, to express spiritual wisdom to the incarnate planes.



Kendo pictured wearing a shirt featuring the number 15, which commemorates
highly significant ages in his two previous lives, and the age in this life when
Yogensha was instructed by Kendo Nagasaki to begin judo training.


Kendo has revealed more to Yogensha about his previous lives, and one in particular is truly fascinating, and gives a profound insight into the samurai honour code, by which Kendo has lived for so long.

In 1318, the spirit that we now know as Kendo Nagasaki was born into the Nagasaki family in the administrative capital city of Kamakura; his given name was Shin'uemon, and his entire family served the ruling clan.

The Emperor’s forces sacked Kamakura in 1333 seeking to overthrow the ruling clan, and Kamakura fell. The ruling family and their closest allies – including the Nagasaki family – made the decision to die like true samurai. They withdrew to a man-made cave in the compound of the Tosho-ji temple, in order to bow out honourably.

At the age of 15, Shin'uemon Nagasaki acted with the highest levels of samurai dignity, honour, and pride, setting an example even to the leader of the ruling clan, Takatori Hojo. Shin'uemon said, "What I do now is blessed by the Buddhas and the Shinto spirits; as is my duty, with this act, I am proud to bring honour to my forefathers."

Using a short sword, Shin'uemon then slashed the arms of his grandfather, and immediately plunged the weapon into his own abdomen, cutting from left to right (the act of seppuku), and he fell upon the body of his grandfather.

Such an act of ritual suicide exhibited the most highly honourable way to end one's life following defeat in battle, and adhered absolutely to the samurai honour code. Being performed with such discipline by a 15-year-old, such actions would normally be considered remarkable, but Shin'uemon Nagasaki was the very embodiment of the spirit we know as Kendo Nagasaki, and acting with such focus, discipline, and honour is typical of him.

This penultimate incarnation, although short, involved the culmination of much intense karma for Kendo; while he was destined to be on the losing side on this occasion, he was required to act as a beacon of honour for his immediate family, as well as the ruling clan, with whom there were long-standing fated relationships. Once Kendo had shown such immense clarity of mind, honour, and leadership, his duties in that life ended an old cycle of evolution for all concerned, and Kendo could move on to his life in 1599, which involved the transmutation of his warrior’s skills into those of the philosopher, artist, martial artist, and master strategist.

Following the 1599 life has been the current era, wherein Kendo appears through Yogensha; what he had developed in his past lives has been visible in his activities in the wrestling ring and as a healer, and what follows with Pathways to Power includes his higher wisdom, his philosophy, and his skill as a mentor to those who seek great things.


Point of Interest: It is clear from all the foregoing that the number 13 has been highly significant for Kendo across multiple lifetimes, in addition to the reasons described here

All the foregoing leads directly to Kendo's mission to bring his Spiritual Wisdom to the world, to help enlighten and empower all those who are looking for answers, and to Heal... An amazing testimonial is shown here...

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