In August of 2006, Kendo unveiled a significant new addition to his website - the Kendo Nagasaki Spiritual Wisdom pages.

Covering twelve areas of spiritualism and mysticism, these pages set out Kendo's perspectives on the subjects covered, each one delivering a remarkable new slant on traditional mysticism - the perspective of the samurai warrior spirit guide.

Kendo's approach was clearly controversial - for example, that we have chosen to experience the problems we encounter, that difficult relationships are destined and are likely to have a history over many lifetimes, and that when a person behaves as our enemy, they are destined - even required - to do so.

Consequently, Kendo's Spiritual Wisdom gave clear insights into the dynamism of the mystical forces acting upon us as mortals.

Of greater significance, however, was Kendo's indication that we can gain control over our destinies; building upon the insights he described, Kendo made it clear that he would progress to providing actual techniques for acquiring awareness, familiarity, and ultimately control, so that a person could work in harmony with their destiny, and also achieve their ideals and aspirations.

Kendo had always provided an ideal model of power and control, and now he had begun offering the tools to becoming dominant, successful, and wise.

Kendo described how aspects of mysticism and spirituality could be explored and turned to one's advantage, effectively using the wisdom and insights gained as the foundations of personal empowerment. In particular, the section on meditation described how the image of Kendo himself could be hugely empowering, because of the many ways in which he symbolises power, wisdom, and ability.

Destined to be a precursor for the active process that is Pathways to Power, the spiritual wisdom pages paved the way for an insight into the breadth and depth of Kendo's mystical insights, and, remarkably, his illustration of how they could be applied in the pursuit of genuine self-empowerment.

Evolving in the background of Kendo's spiritual wisdom was the Sword of Excellence concept and the subsequent Tournaments, which showed that Kendo took a highly dynamic approach to enlightenment - a tournament, a battle, no less - to win a prized samurai sword was a typical manifestation of Kendo's uncompromising and energetic approach to just one aspect of his spiritual wisdom, the Principles of Excellence; this approach is characteristic of Kendo - an empowered approach to self-empowerment!