In every life, there are challenges...

They can take many forms, from illness and disability, to losses and reversals,
to hostility and alienation, to insecurity and fear...

There are a number of ways to respond to challenges - in the case of illness and disability, someone could ask, "Why has this terrible thing happened to me?" If you lose something important such as your job, you could ask, "How am I going to cope?" If you find yourself receiving the hostility of others, you could say to yourself, "I've done nothing to deserve this - why is it happening?" And if you feel insecure and perhaps even fear interacting with others, you may have thought, "I wish I were the life and soul of the party, if only I had the confidence!"

If any of these scenarios describes your situation, you've come to the right place: Kendo has answers for your questions, and ways to help you too.

Firstly, it's important to realise that everything happens for a reason; your destiny has put you in this situation because the situation has something valuable to teach you. Unlikely as it may seem, this is the truth.

It's difficult to understand at first; you are justified in asking, for example, "How can making me ill teach me anything useful?!?" This is where your understanding needs to take a quantum leap, because the answers lie in many mysterious things, including your past lives, the work your own soul has chosen to do during this life, and your relationships with other souls.

Your situation can be put into context in terms of the "big picture" of your ongoing soul life, explaining that this life and its challenges, while significant, are but components of a longer, richer journey. Your awareness is expanded, your situation can be seen in a higher and wider context, and the previous emptiness and incomprehension is replaced with the security of understanding.

Kendo Nagasaki is now working on offering concrete guidance and empowerment to meet and overcome even the most monumental challenges; please keep watching the website.