Following extensive press, radio, and television promotion of Kendo Nagasaki's return to the
Wolverhampton Civic, the night itself was sensational!

Atlantis Chronos Goth opened Kendo's bout by announcing that having wrestled all over Britain and indeed all over the world, Kendo chose the Wolves Civic for his ceremonial unmasking because he regards the venue as his spiritual home...

The audience really appreciated this connection with the great man, and they applauded enthusiastically. Then it was down to business for another sensational and brutal wrestling match!

Two tag teams faced each other across the ring - Kendo Nagasaki and Blondie Barrett versus Yorghos Christopoulos and Hakan; Kendo had a serious score to settle with these two, as they are the ones who stole the Sword of Excellence from Kendo at a book and poster signing session in Grays in July, and while Kendo had slapped them both about in Hanley, his memory is long and his vengeance is total! In all honesty, it was foolishly brave of Yorghos and Hakan to face-off against Kendo again - they must have known that he would batter them again!

And that is precisely what happened... Kendo could barely restrain his fury, and ended up with 2 public warnings against him, but the highlight of the night was when he threw Yorghos over the top rope onto the floor outside the ring, and attacked him with a table! This was followed by the ringside bell, which Kendo hurled into Yorghos's stomach with a resounding "smack!"

Hakan burst into the ring to protest, but Blondie Barrett intercepted him, so the ref had to attend to the in-ring action.

Yorghos dragged himself back into the ring, but Kendo made the result a formality by delivering a body-slam and shoulder-press to Yorghos, gaining the winning fall.

Kendo scoring the winning fall on Yorghos

It was an intense and energy-packed evening, and as usual Kendo had polarised the audience - some hated him, but the majority - including a large group of metal-heads - congratulated Kendo and wanted to pose for pictures with him.

Kendo had once again shown total dominance, to the delight of the audience, both his long-term fans, and new appreciators of his awesome power.

Coverage of the event by the media had been extensive, including pre-match radio and television spots, and articles by Wolverhampton's Express and Star newspaper, and an excellent web article by BBC Black Country, as seen below.

The BBC also covered the match itself, showing a video feature of the match on BBC Midlands Today in the evening, showing that Kendo remains as popular as ever!