How much do you know? How capable are you? How able are you to meet new challenges? Can you defend your actions and trust in your own abilities?

The answers to all these questions could be enormously positive - you need only tap into your huge reserves of reincarnational wisdom.

Just as the experiences in one lifetime bring wisdom, we all have the accumulated experience of many lives, and therefore immense wisdom lies deep within us all - it's just a matter of finding it.

The image above represents the ever-expanding wisdom of Kendo Nagasaki, as he has passed from one incarnation to the next (ancient Japan to modern Japan, for example, as shown), the aspects of mortality always weighed against the omnipotent infinite.

In the greater scheme of things, the intensity of an individual life is usually matched by all the others - whatever you're going through in this life, you've had experiences at least as involving many times before, and you are thus a focus of acute consciousness - all your lives here have demanded all your attention and resources, and your immortal self has become expert at coping with a vast range of unique and complex situations.

Paradoxically, the very intensity of life is usually the reason why the wisdom of past lives is so difficult to access - you're so focussed on your "here-and-now" that you're entirely unfamiliar with the frame of mind needed to recognise your true wisdom and power; Kendo Nagasaki can liberate this ability within you.

Tapping into the experience of your past lives can bring immense power. You may find yourself in a situation which is unfamiliar, and you may be unsure how to react to it - but if you have the experience of your many past lives available to you, you will never be unsure again.

You have lived previously as a pawn and as a power-broker, as a home-maker and as a hero, as servant and as the highest ruler - the accumulated experience of all these lives is a resource of absolutely vast power, and you can make it yours today, through Kendo Nagasaki's Spiritual Wisdom.

Those who, in this life, have had a near-death experience know the difference between ordinary consciousness and real awareness. They have experienced something that was completely real and yet completely impossible to explain. As is mentioned in the Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit page, science can describe many of the processes of the brain in considerable depth (albeit in somewhat simplistic biochemical terms), but philosophy reminds us that the objective observation of an event is far from being the same as the subjective experience of an event – your joy is immensely more powerful to you than any written or spoken description of it could ever make it to me.

Furthermore, hypnotherapeutic regression to past lives has provided a vast amount of evidence that what seems impossible on a neurophysiological level is nonetheless real - people have very clear memories of their past lives, even though their physical brains did not even exist back then.

It is reassuring that quantum physics has begun to describe the many additional dimensions which must exist in order for past lives to be scientifically credible, and Kendo is keen to point out that string theory and quantum consciousness only serve to reinforce the probability of the multiplicity of states and places experienced in past lives; ironically, it may be science which ultimately proves the existence of the spiritual realms.

So, with ever-increasing support for the validity of past life recollections, what is the reason for reincarnation?

Many religious and spiritual teachings and much literature speak of the need to rise to life's challenges in the most enlightened way - see only the good, turn the other cheek, love thy neighbour, and other such tenets - but is that all there is to it? And why should we do this, lifetime after lifetime? Doesn't this sound like a recipe for mounting frustration and anger, and how couls constantly being so passive and meek achieve anything at all? Excellent questions!

Kendo Nagasaki has a different approach to reincarnation: he teaches that passively accepting whatever comes along is for the lazy and the weak, and that taking a dynamic approach to one's circumstances will change them from merely tolerating enduring suffering to ones of triumph, reward, and success.

Firstly, bear in mind that whatever challenge arises demands a response; Kendo teaches that you must participate in the outcome, not be a victim of the process. There is more than just your karma and destiny involved, and, as you have the chance to take control, you must do so. As you can see from Kendo's teachings on destiny, while all things are apparently known, this does not apply to outcomes; the forces acting can be predicted, but your own attitude makes a huge difference to the result. Therefore, a challenge which arises in this life which requires an assertive response from you will continue to arise again in future lives if you fail to respond dynamically to it now. This is how reincarnation reveals itself to be a truly dynamic process.

However, as we have all been subject to the prevailing religious and civil climates in previous lives, we are unlikely to have considered our own options in many circumstances - over many, many lives, we will have been told what we can and cannot do, and this could be why many people have come into this life with a burning desire to take control, at last!

This is where Kendo's perspectives on Reincarnation within the Pathways to Power meditations can really help you. Much discrimination is required to begin to understand the dynamics of one's own reincarnational process - all that is not relevant must be discarded, and an analytical insight must be developed, so that the mind and the will can be focussed precisely upon taking control. Kendo can guide you through the required stages of clarity, insight, focus, and control, so you will see how you got here, and how to change your approach to your future, so that it is more enlightened and much more under your control. The enormous wisdom and power of your own reincarnational past is made available to you in Kendo Nagasaki's Pathways to Power.