...so you've heard the name and you know that he's a masked wrestler - what else is there to know?
Who is behind the mask, and why doesn't he speak?
...he certainly seems mysterious, but what is his healing and mysticism all about?
These questions, and more, are answered below...

Kendo Nagasaki is most widely known as a masked wrestler, who has completely dominated British wrestling for over 4 decades.

Looking more deeply, Kendo is also a mystic and a healer. Over many years, he has given various forms of healing to countless people, and has been featured in the press for these works. Intriguingly, Kendo has been healing for longer than he has been wrestling…

…but this gives rise to further questions:

If the above is true, who was doing the healing before Kendo Nagasaki appeared?

…and who is behind the mask?

Kendo Nagasaki is, in fact, a spirit guide and sensei (the Japanese word for teacher), who appears by being channelled through an otherwise ordinary man. It is widely known that psychic mediums do such work, but this is an exclusive relationship – the only being in the spiritual realms with whom the “channeller” communicates is Kendo Nagasaki, and Kendo Nagasaki only works through this one man.

The Japanese have a word for someone who does this kind of work – he is a “Yogensha”, or seer, and this is the name by which the man behind the mask has been known for many years.

Yogensha describes himself as a “behind-the-scenes” (behind the mask?) kind of person, a facilitator, rather than a public character in his own right; he has his own life away from wrestling and healing, but he admits that being in the service of the great spiritual guide is fundamental to his life. He speaks of this relationship in interviews on this website, and he makes it clear that in himself, he is not important, other than doing his job – being the channel through which a great spiritual guide expresses himself in this world.

However, whilst appearing to the world through his channeller, Kendo Nagasaki does not speak. Kendo’s world is one of deep spiritual wisdom, which can only be communicated with the subtlest of psychic impressions. Whilst he is channelling Kendo, Yogensha therefore does not speak either.

Over the years, Kendo has had the services of several people close to him, to act as his interface with the world, speaking for him. First, there was George Gillet – Gorgeous George – a marvellous, multi-faceted, and flamboyant character loved by the media. Then it was the turn of Lloyd Ryan, a gritty, uncompromising, business-like man. And now the task of being “the voice” has come to Atlantis Chronos Goth, who has been healed by Kendo, and come to know the man behind the mask.

“I’ve known Yogensha for many years now, and his relationship with Kendo is fascinating to watch,” says Atlantis. “When Kendo is being channelled, Yogensha disappears completely, and you are in no doubt that you’re in the presence of a huge, powerful warrior spirit – Kendo is truly awesome and overwhelming. In contrast, Yogensha is a quiet, practical, scientific man, who seems almost uncomfortable with his role as Kendo’s channeller – when he’s not doing it, he doesn’t dwell on his relationship with Kendo. Yogensha could never put up with the public recognition that Kendo gets – he’d rather have a quiet cup of tea and talk about cosmology, and – oh yes – he’s got a wicked sense of humour!”

“That’s about all he’ll let me get away with saying about him; he takes his service to Kendo very seriously, as it’s not an easy task to channel such a powerful spirit. Yogensha is a good man and a dear friend, and Kendo is a truly inspiring master.”

“I take part in Kendo’s meditation rituals, during which he shows me what he wants to say on the Earth plane. Kendo’s guidance through my near-death experience and past lives have showed me how to do this, but anyone can get in touch with deep spiritual wisdom through Kendo; I’m very glad he asked me to be a part of it all,” says Atlantis.

In sum, Kendo Nagasaki is a warrior spiritual guide who is channelled by a man known as Yogensha, and Atlantis Chronos Goth speaks Kendo’s words, which are delivered in meditation. This website is dedicated to setting out the Kendo Nagasaki Spiritual Wisdom and teachings, which take the form of his self-empowerment training system, called Pathways to Power.

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